Buddha speaks

watching you watching me
we breathe
sink into pale blue water.

toes touch
mauve rocks
seaweed and sand.

eager minnows flash
in and out
dodging toes rocks
each other.

i am Buddha
kitchen altar Buddha
smooth sensual siddhartha
jade greener
than a freshly painted park bench
watching you watching me.

i reply

my wildest buddhist dreams
unfurl the past
flag forgotten pages
bookmark chapters
of this life
dusty with incense dreams
himalayan treks
and soulful safaris.

india tibet katmandu
sandalwood scented bazaars
saffron-colored robes
recalcitrant white cows
unwilling to relinquish
submissive sidewalks
taut traditions.

Buddha bathing in candlelight
king of my kitchen
i touch your silken surface.
you touch my heart
scarlet moist
throbbing with
last lifetime’s rhythm.

you Buddha of distant dreams
dance me to the edge of solitude
arrange my body
in cunning asanas
mindful mudras.
manifest mandalas

you siddhartha
scatter amethysts in my hair.
i place chrysanthemums at your feet
flowers orange and magenta.
embraced in their aroma,
we drift past lazy windows
fogged with breath
of saintly saddhus
mother theresa
and jerry garcia

Buddha speaks

my downcast eyes
see all your lives.

long ago
in desert lands
pungent with pinon and juniper
you picked purple sage

walked slowly in soft moccasins.
like tumbleweed,
i roll you
over and over
in memory.

jemez hot springs
midnight baths
washed by blueblack skies
ablaze with moon and stars.
copper skin dried by desert wind,
you lay down on mother earth
and dreamed.
watching me watching you.

alexandra rymland