my aunt sophia

aunt sophia waved her sex
like a magic wand.

sophia sang siren songs
seduced all the sailors
sat on living room couches
with antimacassars
encircled by arms
of longdistance lovers.

when sophia went out to play
her spectator pumps were spotless
her nylons fresh
seams straight as sentries
marching up those shapely calves.

when sophia went out to play
her 40's dresses - prints or polkadots--
had peplums
gloves white and starched
able to stand up straight
without a hand
to guide them.

when sophia went out to play
her lips were fiery red
her eyebrows deftly arched
with brown maybelline pencil.

when sophia came home to sleep
she left a trail of pink cracked hearts
lined up like rows of maryland sweet corn
waiting to be picked.

alexandra rymland